Sunday, August 26, 2012


I always wanted to try out the Unity Game Engine, but becoming acquainted with a new tool often takes a lot of time. This wasn't the case with Unity though.
I played around with Unity a little bit and I really like it. It is more suited for 3D games than it is for 2D though, but it makes things so much easier. Today I ported the dungeon generator to see how well that goes. I also made some bugfixes and did some code cleaning. So far everything seems to work pretty smoothly. The level generation seems to take some more time than on the Java implementation, but the rendering seems fast enough and should improve further as soon as I implement some optimizations.

Here is a screenshot of a generated dungeon layout in the editor (no textures yet):

Random Dungeon in Unity

I also made a very basic gameplay prototype that I will be integrating into this, so that I can try out some gameplay mechanics (I know it looks crappy :) ):

Very first gameplay testing prototype


  1. It gives a good idea of what it could look like , do you want that I make some sprites of a guy holding a sword ?

  2. I am currently playing around with the idea of making the game 3D (rendering-wise), but in a way that it'll look like it's 2D (using orthographic projection). That would give a lot of freedom and make stuff like animation a lot easier. I imagine having a blocky basic model with oldschool looking 2D graphics as textures. Something similar to minecraft:

    I still work on the dungeon generation and rendering, but I'll have something to show very soon.
    Of course, if you want to create some sprites, I am not holding you off. But keep in mind that I might end up not using them as I have yet to decide how the game is going to look.

  3. Oh , ok then bye . Good luck for your project !